TCW Meets – Steven Irwin

Something we’ve previously done regularly but will now feature on the website itself. First up this year we meet Steven Irwin who has previousy played for a number of clubs including Liverpool FC, Telstar, FF Jaro and FC United of Manchester.

TCW: Hi Ste, first up, how have you found your time at Marine so far?

Ste Irwin: I’ve really enjoyed it. We have a great bunch of lads and the fans have been fantastic since I arrived.        

TCW: You signed a contract not long after signing was it a surprise to be offered one so soon and was it a straight forward decision for you?     

Ste Irwin: It wasn’t a surprise, when I first signed I was hoping to sign a contract and stay for a longer period of time, so when it did arrive it was an easy decision to make to sign it.       

TCW: We went through a bad period when we didn’t win a game in 3 months in the league, was it difficult to keep motivated when we was losing games by the odd goal and how important was the management as a calming influence?  

Ste Irwin:  It’s always difficult when your not winning games for any period of time but we new we was always in every game and playing some good football  so it was just a matter of working hard and then the results would come to match performances. We have a really positive management team so it was always up beat and knowing what we could achieve rather than thinking to much on not getting the results at first.

TCW: You recently played for FC United before coming to Marine how have you found the difference between the two leagues and would you celebrate if you scored past them for Marine?

Ste Irwin: I loved my time at FC it is a fabulous club with amazing fans. The league isn’t that much different al the games are difficult but you believe you can win each one. I’m not to sure about celebration we would have to wait and see ha.                                              

TCW: Funny game last month or so fans thought we was doomed and now we believe we can win every game after winning 6 in 8 games did you always believe the squad could turn our season around?

Ste Irwin: We always believed we would get the results in the end and that the squad was much better than the results we were getting. we just had to turn a few small details around and once we got the first couple of wins then the belief and confidence comes with that then more wins follow and that’s what has happened.

TCW: As a group of players do you have any goals till the end of the season maybe a top 10 finish which Marine haven’t done since 2012?

Ste Irwin: I think after the way the season has gone we just want to take it one game at a time. But I know We should be going into every game now believing we should win every one and then let’s see we’re we end up at the end of the season.

Thanks very much Ste.

Credit to Paul Moran for the photo @paulmoran62

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