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This week sees the start of the away fan Q&A feature. This is something I’d like to introduce to the site starting with this weeks visitors, Scarborough Athletic FC fan Martin Sykes from @seadogupdate.

Phil: What was the feeling like moving back to Scarborough after a 10 year exile?

Martin: It was great to get back home after the 10 years of playing “home” games in Bridlington which was a near 40 mile round trip for most fans. Our landlords at Bridlington Town were excellent hosts and we will always be grateful to them for giving us a platform to reform and start the journey back up the pyramid but there is no place like home and the return has reinvigorated our club and our crowds now average well over 1000. We hope to have a new stand built over the summer which will make things better still.

Phil: How would you say your seasons gone up to now?

Martin: It’s been a funny old season so far, we got off to a very decent start and topped the table for several weeks but then we had a bit of a blip which saw us drop down to the edge of the play off spot which is where we are now. At the start of the season I would have taken a play off spot and nothing has changed in that respect. The play offs are a lottery but you need a ticket to win one and that is what we will continue to strive for. The FA Cup and Trophy were a bit of a disappointment as we fell at the first hurdle in both. Workington knocked us out of the Trophy but I forget who put us out of the FA Cup 😉. We are also still in our County Senior Cup and we are awaiting the draw for the semis which could be against Middlesbrough, York or Marske.

Phil: Who is the side you’ve faced this season that have impressed you the most?

Martin: Several teams have impressed me but I cannot see past South Shields this season. An honourable mention to Nantwich as well!

Phil: Who is your one to watch player wise for Scarborough?

Martin: Michael Coulson is a striker with Football League and Scottish Premier pedigree. He and his strike partner James Walshaw are a handful for any defender and they both know where the back of the net is.

Phil: What were your pre season expectations and what are they now?

Martin: As I said earlier I was hoping for a season that saw us at least contending for the play-offs and that is where we currently are, my hopes remain unchanged. I’d like us to beat York City in our Senior Cup as well if we get a chance!

Phil: Where you at the Marine v Scarborough final in 2016?

Martin: Yes I went to Throstle Nest for the final, we were winning 1-0 until the last few minutes but then it all went Pete Tong and your lads nicked it at the death! I was gutted because we were the best team for the lions share of the game but that’s football for you. Marine now have a reputation as our cup bogey side so I hope you won’t consider me rude if I don’t want to be drawn against you lot in any cup again!

Phil: Finally your prediction for Saturday?

Martin: It’s going to be a close one. Marine are on a decent run of form and Scarborough aren’t but I am hopelessly biased so will go for a narrow 0-1 win for the Seadogs.

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