Matt’s Programme Notes

MAFC Main Stand
Marine v Mickleover Sports 09/02/19

My nerves are absolutely shot to bits here. Absolutely gone. I can’t cope with this. The reds doing their thing, Marine going into what could be a season-defining few weeks, and Swindon making a last desperate push for the playoffs. When coupled with a particularly stressful job I’m convinced that I’m gonna be finished off by Easter. Prepare the coffin, get your tears out now, put Ring of Fire on the playlist for the funeral, it’s all going rapidly south. The match is genuinely going to be my cause of death, how ‘on brand’ is that.

There’s a reason that this is a season-defining few weeks for Marine. Within the next four weeks, we have four games against teams that are below us in the table, I shouldn’t have to tell you why that is massive, but I will anyway. This presents the best possible opportunity to pull away from the relegation dogfight, and into the glorious mediocrity of mid-table. That would put all of us that follow the Mariners at ease, and I think it would really help to put the players and staff at ease as well. On top of this, there is so, so much to be said for a run of wins. The atmosphere it creates around a club, the way it builds everyone up, and the way it makes everyone just feel good, would be fantastic for Marine. Some of the best times I’ve had watching this team have been cup runs, the same reasons that those are so great can also be applied to a run of league games, that sense of progress, invincibility, the feeling like your side can’t do anything wrong, it’s like a drug, and I need my next hit. If Marine can take nine points from these next four games, that would take us to 41 points, and I can’t help but think that we would be safe with that total at this point of the season. I cannot stress it enough, this month is massive.

Another thing that makes this run big for me, is that for the first time since Salford, I’m actually going to be able to get to a game, which I’m sure will help ease my risk of Cardiac Arrest. I’m really looking forward to Hednesford, it’s a ground I’ve not been to before, and I think they’ll provide a really good test to truly show how much progress this Marine side have made. So, if you’re travelling to Hednesford, come and say hello, maybe join us for a pint or two, god knows I need one.

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